Community Commentary

Living and working in the valley for decades, it’s been a blast exercising my right brain with Jesse while finding new ways to learn and communicate… in the context of playing guitar with a band. Highly recommend!

Eric J., Sunnyvale

Our son continued to learn to play the piano starting 3 years ago with Jesse, he now plays the guitar, synth, drums, and bass.  He rocks out once a week with his band.  Nothing more thrilling to see our son in his element of music.  Thanks to Jesse he is now writing songs, and recording beats with garage band.  We totally recommend this music school, it’s outside the traditional box and allows kids to find their own unique styles and voices!

Caroline F.,

I’ve played guitar for many years, but playing by myself became boring. Jesse has been a fantastic companion and mentor. His approach to music is exactly what I needed: some solid theory mixed with a good amount of practice to let it sink in. Both our 1:1 and full-band sessions have been instrumental (😉) to upgrading my musicianship.

Or L.

Jesse taught my son guitar, keyboard, bass, drums, and more. My son looks forward to his lessons every week. Jesse majored in music education and is phenomenal with kids. He also teaches band classes and summer camps and encourages his students to drive their own learning. He is a perfect blend of gentle but strict and teaches the kids how to take care of their instruments, set up accompanying equipment, etc. He genuinely encourages a love and appreciation for music and we feel lucky to know him. Very highly recommended!

Lucy L., Palo Alto